The Swinging Sixties?

Fri, Nov 8, 2019 at 11am

This event has passed.

The 60s were a pivotal decade, endlessly debated to this day. Virginia Nicholson, a British social historian, focuses on the stories of a wide range of women, from debutantes to the wives of fishermen, who experienced the tumultuous decade.  The question that she poses throughout her book How Was It For You? is: were the 60s really liberating for women? Frye Gaillard, a Southern journalist and historian, was a child of the 60s. His book A Hard Rain: Our Decade of Hope, Possibility and Innocence Lost is a sweeping record and personal account of the revolutionary decade and the personalities who defined its politics and culture. They will discuss the idealism and reality of the 60s with author, editor and critic, Regina Marler.

Dock Street Theatre

135 Church Street
Charleston, SC 29401

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