F45 Playoffs

Sat, May 25 at 8am

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About the Test The F45 Playoffs is the world's most innovative and challenging new fitness test. This fitness test has been featured at events, both domestically and internationally, with some of the fittest athletes in the world. The disciplines selected include the following: speed, strength, agility, endurance, mobility and power. The fitness test is designed by the world's leading functional training network, F45 Training. The Exercises This innovative test, which will become the benchmark for fitness testing globally, includes the following exercises: Rowing, Bench Hops, RIP 60 Push up + Knee Tuck, Lateral hops, Box Jump + Burpee, Chin Up, Squat + Press, Russian Twist, Dead Ball Over the Shoulder Throw and Sprint + Lateral Hop. In summary, it is a 10 minute test comprised of 10 stations, 45 seconds work per station and 15 seconds rest to next station. The test is roughly scored per station out of 100 points (maximum achievable score is 1,000 points). Scoring A proprietary algorithm has been developed that rates the value of one repetition per station. Each repetition within the station has a different value based on the degree of difficulty for that movement. For example, a Box Jump + Burpee derives a higher point value per repetition than a lateral hop. We developed a "perfect" score to be 100 points per station. We then reviewed the number of reps that we tested to be the "ultimate athletes" score for that station. The “ultimate athletes” score was then divided by 100 points to establish a benchmark score per rep. For example, a Chin Up is worth 5 points as we believe that an "elite" athlete will be able to achieve 20 chin ups during the test.

F45 Training West Ashley

827a Savannah Hwy
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