Doing Power Differently
A Leadership Gathering facilitating social change

Sat, Nov 10, 2018 from 9am - 5pm

This event has passed.

The world is demanding a new brand of leadership and a healthier paradigm for what it means to be in power. To meet that call, Charleston author and executive leadership consultant, Kathleen Sullivan, is uniting 8 speakers whose diverse stories will demonstrate how power can be done differently in various domains. Based on a new leadership model articulated in Kathleen’s recently released book, “100 Days of Doing Power Differently, Change Your Leadership, Change The World”, the event is a creative gathering for individuals in merging business with the arts, spirituality, holistic wellness and entrepreneurship.

“Whether a business leader, artist, professional, church leader or parent, an opportunity exists to redefine the meaning of leadership and power”, explains, Kathleen. “This gathering will merge our separate communities into one and build on the growing movement toward conscious leadership. We believe that we can bring a new level of mindfulness and intention to our renewed sense of power and support and inspire each other to bring social change into our businesses, organizations and communities.”


The SchoolHouse

740 Magnolia Avenue
West Ashley,, SC 29407

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