Evil Dead: The Musical

Slashing & mowing its way through Charleston this October is the first ever co-production partnership between sister theatres What If? Productions and Threshold Repertory Theatre as together they present the campy, horror blood-fest Evil Dead: The Musical beginning Oct. 6 at 84 1/2 Society Street.

Both theatre companies are celebrating their seventh seasons this fall and, since both theatres share the same performance space, the two will produce their first ever joint production with the in-your-face chainsaw and zombie fest Evil Dead: The Musical, based on the early 80’s classic of the same name, following 5 college kids to a cabin in the woods where the just happen to accidentally unleash an unspeakable evil force from hell. Hilarious and bloody beyond belief, Evil Dead: The Musical unearths the old familiar story: a guy and his friends take a weekend getaway at an abandoned cabin in the woods, while trying to get lucky they unleash an ancient evil spirit, guy's friends turn into Canadian Demons as he fights for his own survival. Directed by What If? Artistic Director Kyle Barnette (The Cannibals, Cabaret, Thrill Me) the musical features some of musical theatres most inspired song titles such ‘What the F#*k Was That?’ and ‘All the Men In My Life Keep Getting Killed by Candarian Demons’, on-stage dismemberment, outlandish demon choreography and gallons and gallons of blood each night.

The full collaborative project between the two popular Charleston theatres is a rarity but one that both companies hope to see more of in the future. ‘We’ve had this show on our to-do list for a couple of seasons now and when we found out Threshold did as well, it seemed like the right time and way to do it,’ say show director and What If? Artistic Director Kyle Barnette. Threshold’s Artistic Director Jay Danner points out that, ‘since the show is so technically difficult we thought splitting the responsibilities right in half was the smartest route to go.’ So as What If? takes on the direction, musical direction, costumes and choreography for the show, Threshold assumed the equally challenging technical elements which include building a rigged set with a trap door and talking animals, a multitude of functional and bizarre props and blood, blood and more blood that audiences will get to experience first hand.

‘There is nothing serious about this show. It’s absurd, hilarious and bloody as hell,’ notes Barnette. ‘We even have a Splash Zone of seats where enthusiastic audience-goers can get as soaked as they see fit.’ On the partnership Threshold's Danner notes, ’Our two theatres have the unique benefit of sharing the same space and being almost exactly the same age. To be able to merge our talents and what each theatre brings to the stage is exciting and something you aren't going to see anywhere else around town.’.

Threshold Repertory Theatre

84 1/2 Society Street
Charleston, SC 29401

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