Local Author Showcase Book Fair

Sat, May 18 at 11am

This event has passed.

Join us for a fun-filled journey at the  Local Author Showcase Book Fair,  sponsored by Skirt. magazine and Win's Books Publishing, where our community's creativity and passion for literature will come alive! This event is a celebration of local authors, storytellers, and the vibrant world of literature that surrounds us.

Embark on a voyage through the diverse and imaginative works of our community's literary talents. From compelling fiction to enlightening non-fiction, poetry that resonates with the soul to insightful memoirs, the book fair showcases the richness and variety of our local literary scene.

Engage in intimate conversations with the creative minds behind the pages. Local authors will be present to share insights into their creative processes, inspirations, and the stories behind their books. From seasoned veterans to emerging voices, discover the stories waiting to be heard.

Peruse through a treasure trove of literary gems offered by local vendors and independent publishers. Whether you're seeking the latest bestseller, a timeless classic, or an undiscovered masterpiece, you'll find a myriad of options to satisfy your literary cravings.

PLUS, Participate in stimulating discussions and panels led by experienced authors and industry professionals. Dive into the craft of writing, explore publishing opportunities, and gain valuable insights into the ever-evolving landscape of literature.

Bring the whole family for a day filled with literary delights! Children's authors will enchant young readers with captivating tales and interactive storytelling sessions, fostering a love for reading and imagination from an early age.

And while you're browsing, enjoy local spirits and brews.

Admission to the Lowcountry Author Showcase book fair is free, welcoming all literature enthusiasts, aspiring writers, and families to join us in celebrating the magic of storytelling and the boundless power of words. Pre-register for a chance to win a Book-filled Raffle prize.

Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to connect with local authors, discover captivating stories, and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of literature. Mark your calendars and join us for an unforgettable celebration of community and creativity at the Lowcountry Author Showcase book fair!


Doors Opento Main Hall at 11 am for your to browse, buy books, meet authors, grab a bite from Destiny Community Cafe Food Truck, or grab a beverage from Striped Pig Distillery

Musical guest: House of OG in Main Hall

11:15 - Noon — Workshop"How to Brand Your Book: A Comprehensive Workshop for Aspiring Authors" presented by Winnie Tataw in Piano Lounge — "How to Brand Your Book" is a workshop designed for aspiring authors who aim to carve a unique identity for their work and captivate their target audience. Participants will learn how to leverage social media platforms to build a community around their book, engage with potential readers, and maintain a consistent brand image across all marketing materials. Whether you're self-publishing your first novel or seeking to enhance your existing author brand, "How to Brand Your Book" will equip you with the tools and insights needed to make your book a success!

12:15 — 1:00 pm — Workshop: "The Power of Go!" presented by Torre Stocker in the Piano Lounge. The Power of GO! is an ability to take an idea or concept and either verbally or visually represent the totality of the thought in a strategic plan to achieve successful completion. The Power of GO! immediately takes the spark of an idea and creates a bonfire of fulfillment. The Power of GO! Concept includes five steps:
1. Brainstorm
2. Plan
3. Implement
4. Action
5. Assess Results
Ultimately, The Power of GO! will help all attendees to get from where they are to where they really want to be.

1:00 — 1:45 pm — Kids Story Time in the Main Hall. Children's book authors read from their books and answer questions from the kids.

Participating Authors Include:

  • Pixie Paula Dezzutti
  • Winnie Tataw
  • Katryna Johnson
  • Robyn Mixon
  • Michelle Bryant-Griffin
  • Elizabeth Mozzell
  • Cleo Scott Brown
  • Robin Nazon
  • Robert Lewis
  • Chris Wynn
  • Torre Stocker
  • Torian Stocker
  • Ruth Laurent
  • Sanye' Phoenix
  • Allison Dagnon
  • Mr. Enlightenment
  • Hannah Larrew
  • Vernon Glenn
  • Kimberly Mills
  • Kara Tubbs
  • Jasmine Tilman
  • JD McCabe
  • Kyle Russell


Striped Pig Distillery

2225 Old School Dr,
North Charleston, SC 29405