Freeflow Painting Creativity Playshop: Quiet Your Inner Critic & Unleash Pure Creative Joy

Sun, May 5 from 10am - 1pm

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  • Is your inner critic too loud and mean?
  • Do you feel unable to express your unique, authentic voice?
  • Are you stuck in old habits and patterns and unsure how to break free?

Many people yearn to express themselves more authentically, but their inner critic holds them back.   This critique-free workshop allows you to play with paint in a safe, accepting way that’s fun and impossible to get wrong. By exploring intuition and creativity in a new way, you unleash more freedom, authenticity and aliveness.

Facilitator Pamela Cisneros will show you how to explore creativity with more freedom than you thought possible!  And the best part?  You don't need to know a thing about art!  Or you can be a professional artist.  Neither matters.  

Whichever describes you, this playshop will help you rediscover the pure joy of total creative freedom!   Even if you think you can’t draw a stick figure,  as a human you were born with an inherent desire AND ability to create.  But you have been blocked by messages from the outside world that now constrict your full creative flow.   Professional artists have also often been programmed in very limiting ways that block creative joy.

In a safe, supportive setting, you will be guided to fully explore spontaneous, joyous creativity.

This is NOT about artistic technique!  You will not be attempting to produce a specific product or learning specific methods to produce an outcome.  Instead, you will paint purely for the process of enjoyment and self-exploration without any concern for the end result.

No prior experience is necessary!  Non-artists, beginners, wannabees and experienced artists are all welcome. There is no need to be specially inspired or gifted. What is authentic in you will manifest naturally and easily when obstacles and restrictions are removed.

Unleash the power of true creative joy in your life!

All materials included.  No need to bring anything other than yourself, just as you are.  Materials are water soluble and do not stain.  Wear comfortable, loose clothing that you don't mind getting paint on just in case.

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LIMITED TO 8 PARTICIPANTS!  Save your spot now!

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