Film: Straight Line Crazy

Fri, Nov 10 at 9am

This event has passed.

Introduced by David Hare, a Festival screening of the British playwright’s drama Straight Line Crazy, starring Ralph Fiennes, explores the impact of urban planner Robert Moses, one of the most powerful and influential figures in New York. Initially motivated by a determination to improve the lives of the city’s workers, Moses was ultimately challenged by a group of campaigners who felt he had lost touch with the needs of ordinary citizens. 


Many Festival events are filmed and recorded for archival and research purposes, and occasionally for further distribution, such as promotional opportunities, on our website, and for network television. The films might sometimes include recognizable shots of members of the audience and/or interviews with patrons before or after the live events. Purchase of this ticket implies your permission to be filmed.

Dock Street Theatre

135 Church Street
Charleston, SC 29401