Forget About Black Friday w/ John Heinsohn (Free Admission)

Fri, Nov 27 at 7pm

Thank you for supporting live music! #seeyoutobins

Sick of shopping? Holidays sneaking up on you? Don’t worry about it, Tobin’s has got you covered. Forget about all the crowds, mayhem, and mistletoe, and come enjoy two sets of blues, soul & rock n’ roll with the one and only John Heinsohn. John has been serenading sweetness into the hearts of South Carolinians for over 15 years. Born and raised right up the road in Rockhill, playing in original projects like the local favorite band, Weigh Station, John has developed the ability to trap his audience in his long beautiful hair and pour his passion into their hearts. The love of music doesn’t only exist inside of John Heinsohn, it projects onto every person that crosses his path through his powerfully elegant voice, impressive songwriting skills, and his unparalleled kind hearted personality & genuineness. Let’s all have some drinks, take a seat, and for get about life for awhile, with beautiful, John Heinsohn. #seeyouattobins

Tobin's Market

197 Jackson St.
Charleston, SC 29403

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