Charleston Waterkeeper's Sixth Annual Water Ball

Thu, Sep 17, 2015 at 7pm

This event has passed.

Charleston Waterkeeper's Sixth Annual Water Ball: An Evening Dedicated to Clean Water

At Charleston Waterkeeper we celebrate our local waterways by creating opportunities and events for our community to get on (and sometimes in) the water, reminding us why clean water is a cornerstone of Charleston’s unique culture, history, and lifestyle.

The Water Ball, one of Charleston’s preeminent events, provides citizens and local businesses with an inspiring opportunity to celebrate our collective right to clean water by enjoying dishes from some of the nation’s most talented chefs and culinary stars. Each dish at the Water Ball highlights our connection to clean water by featuring a product from, or inspired by, Charleston’s waterways. Chefs and restaurants participating in this year’s Water Ball include:

  • Robert Berry - Pancito and Lefty
  • Sarah Fagan - Butcher and Bee
  • Vandy Vanderwarker - The Ordinary
  • Michael Perez - Indaco
  • Ryan Welliver - The Cocktail Club
  • Ben McLean & Ari Kolender - Leon’s
  • Taylor Garrigan & Aaron Siegel - Hometeam BBQ
  • Chris Stewart - Glass Onion
  • Reid Henninger - Edmund’s Oast
  • Drew Hedlund - Fleet Landing
  • Graham Dailey - Peninsula Grill
  • Todd Mazurek - Salthouse Catering
  • John Zucker - Cru Catering
  • Amalia Scatena - Cannon Green
  • Thad Stuckey - Oku

Join us for an evening dedicated to clean water, good food, good friends, and your community. Funds raised throughout the evening will be used to support Charleston Waterkeeper’s efforts to protect and restore your local waterways.

Established in 2009, Charleston Waterkeeper was born from a deep love for Charleston's local waterways and a belief in our shared responsibility to protect and restore those waterways for our community and for future generations. To learn more about our work please visit:

The Cedar Room

701 East Bay St.
Charleston, SC 29403

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